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Mission: Be Brave is a campaign to Encourage Inspire and Empower women who struggle with mental health challenges.

Vision: Spread awareness about Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health disorders.


  • Brave Chats – A support group where women can come together, find inspiration and gain strength on their to mental health.
  • Brave Connects – We are a bridge between the community and mental health providers. Let us help you find the resources you need.
  • Brave Events – We organize community events to help spread mental health awareness and destroy the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The Brave Blog: A funny and touching look into the life of our founder.

Speaking Engagements: Invite Nikyla to share her inspiring story of victory over anxiety at your next event. ; Women’s Conferences, Youth Groups, Concerts.

Be Brave Conference: Raising awareness about women’s mental health.

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Be Brave is three years in the making. After our founder Nikyla Trask suffered severe post partum anxiety after the birth of her third child, she began to think of how much better she and her family would have been if she had gotten help sooner. How much faster she could have gotten relief if she had been able to explain what she was going through to doctors. After much prayer and time in recovery Nikyla decided to share her story and her life with the world. Be Brave is to be used as tool to assist women and their families as they journey toward mental health. Mental health is as important as physical health. Our campaign is here to ensure everyone is aware of this fact.