Ever hear the quote, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?”

I find when I lay down fears like what will people say, how will I look, how will that sound etc. AMAZING things happen. I jump into the task and cast aside all self-doubt. My best times in worship or writing, even on my day job, things seem to come together much better.

This leads me to truly believe and have faith in my God given abilities. I am at my best in my most natural state. When I let ideas flow and just let them become. These are the times I can see God put his “Super” on my natural. How awesome is that!

So just a thought not forsaking planning and preparation have freedom in your tasks, whatever it may be teaching, parenting, loving. Free yourself today from the things that hold you back and JUMP IN! The truth is being authentically you is the best gift you can give the world. The gift of YOU!!

-Be Brave