Life can be hard, busy, disappointing, and yes overwhelming!

There have been times when I wanted to speed up, slow down, or stop all together. As I reflect, it seems I lived my twenties in fast forward. I got married, had children, and decided on my life’s purpose very quickly. Every day felt full (not in a good way). There was never enough time in a day, and before I knew it my twenties were coming to an end. Then I wanted to hit the rewind button. I wanted to run back and get the time and moments I “felt” I lost, or sped through. I wanted to go backwards and pay attention more. I desired to focus on me and learn me more. As I realized, you can’t live life in rewind or fast forward, frustration followed, and life hit me with a major Pause button. It came in the form of anxiety and depression. This was the worst of them all. My life was out of control and at an involuntary stand still. It seemed like I watched everyone live while I was stuck in cement or worse, quicksand. Frankly life on pause is a life not lived! When healing began to take place day by day I became grateful for small things. I saw the value in my children’s laughter, my own God given talents, and even in quiet times spent alone with my thoughts. Can you imagine?

So Friends I encourage you today to just press play. Let life flow at its natural pace, some days fast, some days slow. Tell your OCD brain it’s ok. Trust God with everything, laugh, cry, and just BE. The truth is once you make the conscience choice to be present, and take each day as it comes, you will find peace. Remember to be anxious for nothing, but focus on today. If the whole day is too much, focus on this hour, or this moment. Press Play Brave One and LIVE!